Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to the Country!

I don't mean country as in  America or anywhere else although true country living can only be found in the good old USA. We have several ways of describing  what Hammock County means:

1) "For how things are"..... as simple as that for what things are with no labels and fra-de-la.

2) "Where everyday is like a Sunday afternoon"..... church goer or not you can't argue that Sunday afternoon does not have a feel all to it's own, laid back, calm, relaxed take it easy 'cuz it's Sunday afternoon.

Hammock County is all about enjoying things for what they are. Like a good cup of coffee without knowing, or caring, it's a Swiss water decaf shade grown organic Ethiopian blend. Like meeting some friends at the local tavern for a beer. Like finding the perfect item at the antique shop because of what is is not because you saw it on Antiques Road Show or American Pickers.

Get the idea? Hammock County is about taking the label and competition out of ordinary things and enjoying them for just what they are......................

So Welcome to Hammock County

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